​Havana Vintage, LLC appreciates your business and as one of our valued customers, we are committed to selling your designer items at the best possible price.  Below, we have provided an overview of our consignment agreement. 

Full agreement is available for review upon request.  ​


​TERM: Consignment agreements have the term of 60 days from the date of acceptance of all consignor merchandise.​​

​CONDITION: All consigned merchandise must be delivered to Havana Vintage in excellent condition and quality.  Merchandise must be professionally dry cleaned or freshly cleaned on hangers.  Consignor must disclose to Havana Vintage, prior to acceptance of the merchandise, any and all flaws, damage and/or alterations to the merchandise.  Havana Vintage, LLC, at its sole discretion, retains the right to not accept merchandise if it is deemed to be "not sellable".  Consignor is responsible for taking back all merchandise not accepted for sale. 

OWNERSHIP: The Consignor guarantees that he/she is the true and lawful owner of any and all merchandise consigned with Havana Vintage, LLC.

AUTHENTICITY: Havana Vintage, LLC accepts only authentic designer items.  Consignor guarantees the authenticity of all merchandise consigned and is responsible for any/all additional fees and/or legal actions taken by a third party regarding the sale of merchandise that is found to not be authentic.

PRICING: Havana Vintage and consignor will mutually agree on price. In cases where consignor does not explicitly specify a desired price, Havana Vintage reserves the right to determine the final selling price of any and all merchandise.  Final sale prices will be determined based on brand, style, condition and marketed deemed of merchandise; usually between 25%-33% of the suggested retail value.  All merchandise is subject to be scheduled markdown periods occurring as follows: Havana Vintage runs sales throughout the month, depending on the volume of merchandise received.  Your item is subject to markdown regardless of the brand; however it will not exceed 50% off the originally marked price.

​PROCEEDS/PAYMENTS: In all cases where consignor items are sold, consignor will receive a payment in the amount of 40% of the final selling price.  Consignors are expected to come in to the store to pick up their check at the end of the consignment period.  Per consignor's request, Havana Vintage will mail the check at consignor's expense.  There will be a charge of $40.00 in the event where a "stop-payment" is needed.  The consignor is always welcome to use consignment proceeds as store credit.

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